Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

It feels like it is 2 AM. I am sooo exhausted. We've had another big day minus the housework so I am behind on alot. Something had to give. Tomorrow is our Valentine's party for the homeschool group-totally ridiculous to celebrate something that is over, but I am so glad to have it and that I did not have to plan it that I am content to celebrate that which is over. We made our boxes this morning and got all of our valentine's signed. My children are very excited. They really look forward to the social things our group does together. They(the social gatherings-not my kids-heehee) are a bit large for my taste but I paint on a smile and put on my worker hat because it isn't about me.

I miss my church family like crazy. I have missed two services and two Bible study meetings. I am trying desperately to keep up with my Bible study, but it loses alot without the video accompaniement. I could have gone today-but I needed to have at least a few hours of downtime plus we had Valentine things that had to be done. My kids were not happy to miss it either.

Teen attitude is really dominating our household via our middle child. It is very annoying. The self-centeredness is identical to the toddler years. AND, I know my child has a pretty low dose of it because we are quick with the attitude checks. By the time Erika joins her in hormone land, I hope Kayla has leveled off. Otherwise, Toby's crate may be pulling double duty.

Things are really tough with Mom. We are now moving into day 3 and they are pulling back the pain meds and pushing the "doing stuff". It is a very tough transition. This whole ordeal is a marathon not a sprint. Mom is really doped up and gets angered easily. She has been in almost constant pain for two years and is now dealing with the absolute worst pain of her life. There have been some ugly moments. There will be more.

Thank you God for being the lifter of my head. Please help me be an source of love and comfort to all of those around me. Please help love to be my guide. Please keep my sibling "differences" out of the way of loving and supporting them. Put more "fun" in our dysfunction and eliminate the "dys". Thank you Father for giving me friends who will bathe me in prayer at a time when I desperately need it. Thank you God for a husband who loves me(helps me, holds me) and supports me helping my family. Thank you God for kids that "get" it and pray for the people in their lives who are hurting and healing. Thank you God for health care workers that are tired and overworked but keep on giving more anyway. Bless their lives, hearts and families. Pull our family together in such a way that we unite and bless our dear mother. Praise the name of Jesus, amen.


hulagirlatheart said...

You know, I've found that putting the "fun" in dysfunction really does help. I'm praying for you during this difficult time.

Deborah said...

Beautiful prayer !
I'm praying for you during this hard time and that your Mother may find some relief.

Michelle Dunn said...

I know exactly what you mean about the teen attitude, I'm getting ready to deal with that issue here in my house in a couple of years...can't wait!! :) Happy belated V-day and best of everything!!

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