Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Ami tagged me to do this. Hula tag coming Friday. I cannot resist a tag. They don't usually come at the same time though!!

How long have you been blogging?

My first post in my archive is 8-26-2005, however, I do believe my introductory post was deleted. I did not really learn how to do much with settings until I was pretty far along with blogging. There was a pre-set number of blog entries to archive. My number of entries was higher than that so some of them slipped away. Not many though.

What inspired you to start your blog, and who are your mentors?

My friend Summer introduced me to the whole concept of a blog. I read hers one time, felt in touch with her and was hooked. From there I began to do word searches and read lots of good and also a few unsavory blogs. I read a reporter's blog on Hurricane Katrina hitting Alabama and I was just mesmerized. He posted for about a year. I am thankful for all the info he put out there and was sad to see him close it down. Then I did much more CAREFUL word searches and found Miss Zoot. Even though we have lots in common, we have lots not in common-but I really enjoy her blog. I also found Very Mom who is now Kerflop-love her!! I also found a couple of other girls that I read for a long time and both of those turned into p*rn sites...I hope they are making money at least?? I was sad to see them go and even sadder that I linked p*rn for a while!! Sara then told me about Deana who made me laugh in a "spray milk out your nose" way who led me to Jacinda who is practically my cousin who led me to my soul sister JettyBetty and then I talked some friends (influenced HULA?)into blogging and Summer did too, people who started around when I did and others who came along much later. All in all-I read alot of blogs. Too many in fact. I am mentored by many as well. I have a strong need to read and be read.

Are you trying to make money online, or are you doing it just for fun?

I made $20 blogging, so I guess I am in it for fun. If I were smart enough to figure it all out, I would have ads on here just to justify the blog and time spent here. Give me time. However, my main reason is as a journal/family history recording. It also helps me grow as a person. I have gotten some real perspective into who I am and why I am who I am through the writing done on here. I have also whined, offended, complained, belittled, offended, whined and complained. Just keeping it real-and learning to do things in a better way is all part of that!!

My hope of hopes is that when my girls are grown, they can enjoy browsing through this and feel like they are sane when they struggle with things similar to my struggles-and as bad as I hate it-they will have many struggles- some because of me, some in spite of me, some to spite me-struggles, a fact of life. Run on sentences, dashes and lots of commas-a fact of this blog. AND if they can't relate to anything I say on here, we can pinpoint exactly where the crazy started. ( ;

What 3 things do you love about being online?

The sense of connected-ness. I love it when people comment. I love that by being real about my life, it sometimes helps others. I am happy that I relate to so many people and they relate to me. I am happy to read people that I have little in common with and people I have much in common with. This is my little internet support group. When I am crashing, you comment and encourage me. When I do something stupid, you confess you've done it too. When I'm struggling, you pray for me. When I tell huge lies about bears, you applaud my fiction. There is a very special group of readers on here that go to my church. That has been a wonderful blessing. We connect in a unique way because we know each other on a whole different level. I am a hopelessly misunderstood person. People who read my blog understand me a little bit better. My husband reads on here and it has helped him know why I do the things I do.

Was that three??

I tag everyone who reads this!! Especially if you are linked in this entry or on my sidebar (and you know I exist-Miss Zoot, Pioneer Woman and Kerflop do not!). This is a good meme!

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