Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bye Bye Breck Girl

Have you heard? John Edwards is supposed to step out of the race today. Now I think I said something nice about him on here once and never followed up on that. He did impress me in one debate. However, he was a one-trick pony. He said the same thing in every speech, every debate, every commercial and every interview. That made him seem a little loopy, batty, odd. The fact that the question could be about the anything-the price of tea in China- and he could bring it back to veterans sleeping under bridges became comical. Sad, really. He does have really nice hair.

I've also heard rumors that Rudy may be stepping out as well. He is absolutely the best man for the job. I really can't believe conservative Christians will let one issue (pro-choice) keep him out of office. I hate abortion, but I do not think we can reverse Roe V. Wade. People would come out of the woodwork to prevent it. We just have to keep counseling the women who consider it and love them-offer support. This is not a political battle.(IMHO) The fact that Rudy would not say all right, I am pro-life (as others have done) to garner support says alot. He also gave assurances that he would elect judges that were. Conservative Christians (I realize I sort of fall into this category) will be the reason we end up with Hilary or Barack, or McCain. I do not believe Huckabee and Romney are electable. Also, factor in all those conservative votes that will go to Ron Paul and we have the election of the first Clinton all over again.

So my hope for America bubble has been deflated. My doom and gloom bubble is halfway inflated. I have no idea who I will support. Hey, Ross Perot, where are you?


Jen, Fred, Jennifer said...
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Jen, Fred, Jennifer said...

I should have just edited my last post, sorry, anywhoooo, I was laughing when you mentioned Ross Perot, because I was thinking about him too, when I heard Rudy was bailing......we lived in TX when Perot was running, and for some reason he just cracked me up, I found him highly amusing, and sure could use some of that now!!!

I don't think the right person ever gets elected because they won't sell out their values....