Thursday, January 17, 2008

Snow and More!
My camera can take pictures at night!! I love that you can see the big fat snowflakes falling. I also love that this started while we were in church and when church was over, there were snowball fights. Especially when we got home. 'Tis cool to live on a hill. At first, I said to the girls one sled down the hill and then it's in and time for bed. Then the kid in me thought better of it and decided to let them change into warm clothes and live it up. Good thing too. While it was awesome last night, overnight the snow turned to rain and this morning it was merely lightly snow dusted mud. So we have snowball fights and late night sledding to savor today.
Class at church last night was very good. The study of minor prophets does not sound at all like it could be interesting, but it has been. (Atta boy, Mike) Last night the discussion covered loving people we don't want to-I mean really don't want to. Like murderers and pedophiles and democrats(I'm KIDDING!). People who look bad, smell bad, and are nothing like us. People that society gives us permission to hate and write off. Like Jonah did to the Ninevites. Anyway, it was an awesome discussion. I am glad we are a church striving to be different. It is hard to break out of the molds we are in. It is hard to love people who are hurting, lost and written off. Especially for me. It isn't that I don't feel strongly about helping them-it is that my opportunities are pretty non-existent in my insulated little world. Nor am I desperately praying and seeking for people to share Christ with. I'd like to think this little blog could save the lost and impact the world-but really it is what it is, my little selfish corner of the www. A place to muse about my family and my life. Not that I don't meet wonderful people and love it beyond the words-it just is what it is.
I think I may need to get out more. {shudder}

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