Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Bucket List!

It all started with HULA GIRL, then JASON came up with a variation of the list and I decided to make my own list because I am a lemming.


  1. Read through the entire Bible. I am ashamed to say I never have. Not even the entire New Testament. I have made several good starts. I even have the entire thing on CD thanks to Banana Reese's cups and an American Family Radio "Snack of the Day"contest-but I still haven't heard the entire thing. (Now, I have to clarify that the discs are MP3 discs and they won't play in my old van CD player or I totally would have listened to it all!!)
  2. Go on a Disney Cruise with my family. I have always wanted to go on a cruise with my husband and now we have children. I don't really want to wait until they are grown at this point but that may be what we have to do.
  3. Write a book. This is a life long dream that scares me to death. I have tons of ideas floating around-but I am scared if I start- it will just be one more thing I started and did not finish. I don't want it to be that so I just don't start.
  4. Catch up on my scrapbooking OR just put pics in some kind of order in photo albums. Scrapbooking has become quite overwhelming to me considering I am 16(35) years behind on it.
  5. Go on a vacation with my mom and sisters. I think it would be so much fun. No kids or husbands, just us girls. My family never took vacations growing up and so we never did it. My mom would love traveling!! My mom has never seen the ocean!! Unfortunately, I am not sure the rest of them are up for it. I have mentioned it a few times but no one got fired up about it.
  6. Go white water rafting. (Rapids not too fast though!) And also white water canoeing. I've learned my kids like canoeing too so it is just a matter of finding the time and place now.(AND alot of prayer for me because of that whole water fear thing I almost have conquered!)
  7. Exploring out west. It is so beautiful!! I would like to see THE GRAND CANYON but I am not so sure my heights-a-phobic self can handle it.(Of course via Route 66-at least what is left of it!)
  8. See California. I now have two cousins who live near LA and I am sure between them they could show us all the fun stuff. My only hold up is a darling hubby who does not wish to ever step foot in LA. It is a big hold up.
  9. Go to Maine, eat lobster and participate in a clam dig and bake. Now since I don't care for clams, this is a silly thing to want to do-but the experience is what I am after more than the eats. I'll be eating lobster and if I could catch my own-that would be awesome!!
  10. Custom build a new home. My aspirations for this home are not lofty. No 10,000 square foot mansion for me-just well-thought out spaces and a rec-room basement(unfinished!)-2000 square feet max. I would gladly settle for an already built home that meets those specs but the location is always the problem(oh and the price). I love where we are now-just not the house. Most of the house I love, just not the plumbing and room sizes.

So I guess I will stop at 10. Most of these involve travel. That does not surprise me. While I would never want to live anywhere but KY (or Evansville-heehee), I love to visit other places!! Any other places. I would also like to go to Europe and Hawaii, but I am not sure those are things I could ever do-I've never been in an airplane(Don't make fun of me JettyBetty!)-I'm willing- I guess- it just seems really scary to me (and too expensive for 5 people!!).

SO WHAT IS ON YOUR LIST? Let me know if you play along!


Jacinda said...

I want to go on a Disney cruise really, really bad! I also want to write children's book really, really bad! I also want to read through the Bible. You would think after 17 years of Christian school I already would have, but I haven't done it.

Jason said...

Maybe#11 should be fly somehwere in an airplane, then!

And I, by the way, have read the entire Bible, cover to cover. And look where it got me. :)

hulagirlatheart said...

You already know my list, but I thinking taking a trip with your mom is a great idea. I'm going to add that one to my list, too. Going with my mom..not your mom.

hulagirlatheart said...

And I'll get Teen Angel to take you bungee jumping. That will cure your fear of heights. She'll pull the cord. She's thoughtful that way.

Matthew said...

These are all great goals.