Monday, January 28, 2008

I Love A Good Monday!
I know that most of the world agrees with Garfield, but I do love Monday.
Last Wednesday I hopped on the scale expecting the usual number. I was shocked to find a new horrid number. It was ugly-about 7 pounds uglier than the usual number which isn't pretty, but usual nevertheless. Of course, I knew the culprit-Mello Yello. It isn't mellow at all, in fact, it is quite aggressive. Many people pack extra poundage all because of M.Y. So I immediately began a water fest. No more sweetened drinks-at all. It has been hard as the craving came over me in waves especially the first two days. But, as with any addiction, once you get a little clean time, you get some perspective and will power. I think I will just stick with the water and when I just have to have some fizzy-Diet Coke. Mello Yello did get me over the Diet Coke addiction in a methadone kind of way...replacing one addiction for the other-so water is good right now. Water addiction is what I am going for.
Today I hopped on the scales and all is back to "usual". Yesterday, we took a family trip to Sam's and stocked up on food for a couple of weeks. We saw about 10 other families from church...too funny! I made sure to leave off the junk and we are stocked on veggies. I also made a huge cry out for an Aldi trip where more fresh veggies were purchased. So today we are all snacking on multi-colored peppers, celery, grape tomatoes and mini-carrots. We love them so it works out well. We also have alot of fruit and yogurt. It isn't hard to eat healthy if I do the prep work to make it readily available. More expensive, yes. More prep, yes. Worth it, yes.
I had a little talk with God last night and told Him, "Whatever." But not in the smart aleck way, just that I trust Him with everything and it will all work out okay! If he wants us to have more kids, we will. I did reschedule my "yearly" with a real gyno, not our family doctor. I'll have to cancel my Feb 9th appt. but I now have an appt. this Friday. I wanted to go somewhere that was capable of doing some in-office testing and not be sent around to a bunch of other places. Plus, I feel better going to a specialist in that field again. Tis better to be one of many gyno exams than to be the only one for the day. I do love our family doctor though!! She is so wonderful, a friend and a doctor. Absolutely the best.
So, by Friday, I will know better what is going on with my body. Just in time for my birthday. If I am pregnant, this will be a Sept. birthday which is hilarious considering we have June, July and August kids now. However, I really don't think I am. I have major symptoms when pregnant-mostly early weight loss and uncontrollable hunger. Neither of those present. (Losing weight because of giving up M.Y. doesn't count.).

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Steph said...

What?!!! If you're pregnant I think I will pass out. Fill me in, please. I think you were the one praying that God would close my womb. Hee-hee. I'm glad that you are trusting in Him for the outcome. Children are wonderful, aren't they! You never know what God is going to give you (e.g. personalities and so forth). I guess I will be calling soon. God bless you, sister!