Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Pics are gone, don't like them enough to see them all the time!!

The Whiz

I started going back to an old friend to get my hair cut. Yesterday, he cut my hair and we made plans. Tim did my hair forever ago. BC (before children) and even a time or two after but it was never like it once was. My hair is curly now and every time I dye it dark brown (ash brown specifically) it is pretty for a week or so and then turns into a more orangish color. I don not like the orangish color a bit. We are going to fix it. I have neglected my hair for so long, that I have decided it is time to spend a bit more time and money on it.

Tim is the whiz and nobody beats him. (If you are a Seinfeld fan, you are laughing.) He doesn't wear the cool hat, but he can make my hair look good. I have very unusual hair. It processes quickly and can go all wrong very quickly. He is the only person I would ever trust to do it. He is also my friend and would know instantly if I hated it and begin repairs instantly.

So above is just the first step which was hair cut and teach me to style. This is actually the styling I did-his was better, but that isn't really fair to show his work to compare to my work. So what do you think? I have always done curls or I have done straight. He taught me to just relax the CURLS into softer bigger c u r l s. And I think I like it. Sort of. I really want to buzz it all off into a Susan Powter haircut-but I think my hubby might be a tad disappointed.

When I got home from hair cut and the mall at the incredibly late hour of 9:50, everyone was in bed and today NO ONE noticed the cut or the style change. Gotta love it. I AM the CENTER of attention around here. Just in case you ever wondered why I blog.

Next self-improvement, lose that double chin. Anyone know a good chin chiseler?


hulagirlatheart said...

I like the new do. Is there anything more important in a woman's life (aside from her family) than a good stylist and a good gyno? I think not.

Ami said...

I like it. It softens your look a bit, I think.

No one noticed?

Thwap 'em in the ear. They'll notice.


Kacey Leigh said...

Me like. It looks great!

Sandy said...

There is something subconscious in women which tells us that we need new hair for a new year. I've been to see my gal this morning too, and John is gonna freak out when he sees it :-)

Jen, Fred, Jennifer said...

if you want really a CHI falt iron. My hair is like yours.....beleive it or really is. PITA!!!!

Chi Flat iron.....cost about $100 but SO worth it..........

I do like the softer look tho.....good luck!!!!! I wacked mine off. all of it today!!! feels great!!!!!!

jettybetty said...

I love it!
You are my favorite super model!!!