Saturday, December 15, 2007

Treading on THIN Ice...

I am going to tread very lightly on a topic that is very close to my heart. Homosexuality. I have a few very good friends that are gay and I love them. They are good honest compassionate men. Two of them are close enough friends that I have talked often of the choice/born this way theories. EXTENSIVELY. One says its a little of both the other says,"Oh my God, who would ever choose this!!!" So my official answer is I don't know. How does God want us to treat homosexuals? The same way we treat everyone else. Love them. Patrick Mead offered up his blog as a place to go with questions and so I asked a big one that burns in my heart-actually two-What is God's plan for homosexuals and Why are some people infertile who would be excellent parents and other people cannot seem to stop bringing children into horrid circumstances. His answer to the first was good(he hasn't gotten to the second yet). It was touching. I agree with most everything he said and yet the gaps remain. Of course, it would be easy to say-"Who cares, it is not my problem." I could even live with that on some level since I have so much sin of my own to battle-but the battle lines are drawn between Christians and homosexuals and I want to know where God stands just as much to call off the attack of gay people by Christians as I do to win a soul to Christ.

Jason, a new blogging friend I have is telling his story and it is a hard story to tell, a hard story to read and I am sure it was even harder to live. There are many areas where Christians are really missing the boat-this is one of the biggest. I do not ever want to be know as a person who hates gay people-or be affiliated with any group that does. I don't think God does either.


Jason said...

God bless you, janjanmom. I respect you so much for searching for answers that make sense to you in your heart, while still remaining true to your faith, instead of blindly accepting the beliefs and opinions of other human beings within Christianity as absolute truth. Thank you for that.

Ami said...

I'm still thinking about this post.
Even if homosexuality is a sin (and I do not believe it is), why do you (generic you, not you personally) think, as a Christian, that it's your job to put an end to it? To deny people who love each other the right to do so? To legislate in the name of Jesus?

I have another post on this topic percolating, actually. It's been rolling around and around in my little brain for awhile. I've talked about it before. There are members of my family who are gay, and I love them and accept them wholeheartedly.

Mostly, I think who you love is your business.

The sanctimonious nature of many Christians and churches is a large factor in my own refusal to set foot in a church.

I feel that if God condones the hypocrisy and ugliness being shown and spoken in his name, (and doesn't he condone it? He certainly hasn't put a stop to it, has he?)
then Christianity is not for me.