Thursday, December 20, 2007

Good Times

I have spent the day laughing my head off, (my daughter was literally ROFL), eating lunch, making ornaments and just "hanging out". It was glorious. It was comfortable. It was way too many hours of togetherness and I am delighted yet exhausted now. Mama Mia, you are a joy. I wish I could say we made the world a better place with some wonderful act of servitude. I wish I could say we talked some sense into her 19 year old (is it possible to hear sense when you are 19?). I am pleased to say we just enjoyed being in the moment, and selfishly, I had a wonderful day. (and I love your 19 year old!!)

I can't spend too much time blogging-I am working on a huge project at church. I just got off the phone with my preacher and I assured him that barring no horrible family tragedy, the staff will have to put forth very minimal work. So now, since I am a total freak about keeping commitments-I am scared to death some horrible tragedy may make a liar out of me. So now I must eat, sleep and drink this project until it is at a stage someone else could just be-bop into and "take over" if need be. Because, honestly, in this family?? Intense drama, often tragedies happens frequently. Which also means, I am totally used to it and it would not deter me from a commitment, unless, it was on the actual day...but still off to work I go. I'm halfway there already, so it is not too much to get on done with it.

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Mama Mia said...

What a day!!!! How many more 19 year olds do we have to go through between us?
Answer: 5 MORE!! I hope we can laugh just as heartily by the time Lily is 19...hee hee hee