Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Whiney Wednesday...

Come join me in a glass of whine!!! Bear with me, I would like to get this all out of my system before a holiday comes along. A certain holiday which requires me to be thankful. Hard to be thankful when you are full of whine...hey, that gives me another idea. No, wait that was Oktober's thing.

Top ten things that are making me whiny.

10. I planned to be done with Christmas shopping by today. I am not.

9. I wanted to make the dressing this year. I am not.

8. I cut bangs for myself a few weeks ago and pardon my language here, they are very curly
and therefore as bangs, they suck.

7. I am not the only member of my family who cut my bangs. Lilly cut a small, albeit very
easily noticed, strand of her hair into bangs as well. All the way to her scalp. Just in time
for the holidays. Rah rah!

6. My normally laid back easy-going husband gets all freaked out and scrooge-like at
Christmas. happy happy joy joy

5. I have lost my temper 187 times in the last two days. No.I.Am.Not.Stressed.Just.Crazy.

4. I went to Sam's today with all three kids and wet hair. I saw 15 people I knew and they
were all happy, dolled up and childless.

3. Tomorrow will be my "heavy flow" day. Happy Thanksgiving!

2. We had craft day yesterday to make an advent calendar. It seemed like so much fun, but
it was not. My children managed to escape with their lives. Felt is strown about the house
and there are likely to be pins and needles in the rug despite the "only at the table" rule.

1. Despite an entire day of crafting and "FUN", we still don't have an advent calendar.

I feel a little better. As always, prayers are coveted.

1 comment:

Ami said...

Thank you for your post.

I can relate to, well, almost all of it.

I hope your T day is lovely and warm and a time to look back and remember with joy.