Tuesday, November 20, 2007

On Creativity

I fancy that I am a creative person. I have been thinking this for years. So, as I have been unable to find the type of advent calendar that I want, I decided to search "ye olde web" for ideas of how to make my own. I have been perusing internet sewing sites and I am astonished. Mesmerized. So many moms out there are not only sewing things up but they are sewing extra things up and selling them at a little shop called ETSY. This is a huge store of homemade goods that people just like me sew for(not just like me as they actually sew...heehee) and stock with goodies that other people come along and buy. Even kids have etsy shops.

Unfortunately, my crafting is limited to coming up with simple crafts for kids to make that may or may not last longer than a few days. This means I will probably not be a merchant in the virtual town of ETSY, but you should totally go there, look around, be amazed, and if you have an extra $50 laying around, buy yourself something real purty made by a clever and industrious mom.

Or be inspired to make your own sub-par version that no one would buy, but your family might enjoy making together and using. That's what I'm doing. ( ;

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