Monday, November 26, 2007

The reason I am heading off to the shower.
Pictured are both the magnificent AWESOME ALMOND(awesome is such an understatement...mmmmm it smells soooooooo goooood!) and also a new favorite, candy cane. It is just the right amount of mint to awaken the senses, even "groggy hardly able to smell due to a cold" senses.
Amy doesn't pay me to endorse her products(but I'm open to that if she ever wanted to!!heehee). I do it because her handmade soap makes my skin feel better in the winter when it used to be all chapped and achy. And it smells glorious. And she homeschools and makes soap for extra income. And she is really nice and easy to work with. And her blog makes me laugh. Order soap here if you want to smell wonderful awesome almond. She's having a shipping sale unless you are ordering in bulk!! Go now!

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Heather said...

OH YUM!!!! I am soooooo orodering some for gifts! And a ton for myself