Monday, November 26, 2007

Picture number 1
This is a picture of our day climbing rocks, savoring fall and much hiking.

Picture number 2
This is a picture of a small part of our silkworm farm. We have 10. They are all cocooned now which means we will soon have a farm of moths. Yeah! In the wintertime. They will surely die as soon as they are released and yes, we will release them. Someone did not give this particular project enough thought.

Picture number 3
A VERY happy customer.

Picture number 4
A country Christmas at an 1850's working farm. These are dancing pine needle dolls. They also made paper chains, sewed up gingerbread men with goodies inside, tasted "real" popcorn, saw Santa and had a wonderful, very chilly fun day on the farm. Notice a certain Build-a-bear named Lulu accompanied us along with Kirsten. Molly waited for Kayla in the car so she wouldn't be cold. Besides, it wasn't her time period anyway. Our little neighbor girl also went along and brought her doll too.

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thruchildeyes said...

I still have my Kirsten doll. I think she would have liked to go with you on your outing. Sounds like fun.