Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Random and Odd or Oddly Random

I am in a very weird mood. Lots of debris running around in the old noggin that needs to come out. So you, my dear loveys get to read all about the oddness that pollutes my brain.

  • I am trying to teach my children the following things: Orderliness (a place for everything and everything in its place), anger/mood control, compromise, time management, living with consequences. I am not teaching any of these things because I want to, rather I am teaching them because their time has come. I am a "teachable moment" mom. I pray that God will give me the moments in life where my children are receptive and I am able to see that and teach accordingly. The above items have all snuck up on me because I struggle with ALL of them. Most people do. The time is NOW on all of these though-they cannot be put off any longer. It is so hard to teach that which we have not mastered-or even gotten a good grasp of. I kept waiting to "get better" before I covered them. Instead, I am admitting what a colossal failure I am at them all(aloud, to the kids who already know) and hoping to learn through teaching. I HATE BEING THE GROWNUP!!!
  • Our co-op had a marathon meeting today. It lasted about 5 hours and covered most of what we wanted. It also turned my brain into a pool of pretty green jello. My stomach is all in knots and I have a whole new set of issues I wish to be addressed. Brainstorming always does that to me-storms my brain. I cannot handle multiple choices. I can visualize so many possible outcomes and then I start picturing my ideal-which is seldom anyone else's ideal. I start yearning for my ideal and then I forget it is a co-op(ahem...cooperation!). A critical monster emerges and wants it all my way. Fortunately, I do recognize this and hold very tightly to the leash. Today, I did not hold tight enough long enough. Ideas just keep looping around in my brain, and while some of them are good...cooperation has to be at the forefront. Sometimes you just can't "have it your way". Thanks Burger King for making me think I can. (Sandy, disregard my after meeting babbling. I will "brainstorm" alone so I don't end up all petty and gossipy-I so went there and I apologize!!) It is a control thing. I don't have it. I don't want it. Part of me does. I'm killing her softly.
  • My house is pretty clean-still from last weekend. I've been doing sort of all right at maintaining. My dad popped in for a visit yesterday and I was not embarrassed at all. Except that I was still in pajamas-it was well after noon. In my defense, I was right in the middle of cleaning the bathroom. It was a cleaning day-they all are- and that makes me pretty slow to "get ready". After ruining a couple of really nice shirts with bleach, the whole getting dressed to do housework kind of died. Of course, since I clean with vinegar and baking soda now, it is a weak argument. I should get up, shower and get dressed-then take on the day. Instead I get up, make breakfast, get the kids going, check email, blog, do housework and catch a shower around 2 and get dressed. Dr. Phil, it's really NOT working for me-I get caught in my PJ's alot and I get pretty embarrassed by that.
  • I still don't have one big bookshelf and I desperately want one. or two. I am so sick of seeing all our homeschool stuff packed into a china cabinet I could scream. Every time I have to look at it, I become immediately disgruntled. It's a good thing there is a small bookshelf right beside it that is a resting place for delicious smelling soaps right now or someone could get hurt. Brandy is a calming spirit, thank goodness.
  • TMI WARNING-Walgreens had K-Y products buy one get one free. WAHOOO!! There was no silk, but liquid works well too. Just in case you ever wondered. Don't forget-warming products are of the devil. Just in case you ever wondered.
  • NEVER BUY TWO BIG BAGS OF APPLES!!! Even though your family breezes through one bag like nobody's business. Even though one bag is eaten in less than two days and I did not even get one. Buying two bags will make no one really want an apple. I think it is the whole supply and demand rule. A perceived shortage of apples makes everyone want one. A surplus decreases the demand. The same rule does not apply to Hershey's kisses. Even the dark ones the kids swear they hate. A surplus will just make everyone eat more. Only Mom will gain weight from them though. Okay, Dad might gain an ounce, but he will lose it instantly while walking to the kitchen to get some chips.
  • I got so many movies at the library, it took three cards to check them all out. And 1 book. I feel like stalker Heather. HAHAHAHAHA. I love you, movie girl!!
  • I'm going to snuggle with hubby now and watch Forrest Gump. We love the new hip movies around here.


thruchildeyes said...

I'm with you on the getting dressed thing, only mine is not for cleaning's any day we are going to eat. Eating leads to spills or spit up, which means a wardrobe change for everyone. Why bother getting dressed in the first place?

Fascinating observation about the apples and chocolate.

stalker Heather said...

That was so wrong..........thanks:)what's so wrong about taking up 5 cards for movies??
Yes, at least 10 are Dora, Elmo, Max and Ruby and princess movies....oh, by the way....we have 5 BOOKS...well, sissy does.
Max and Ruby. whew.

Anyway, enough about the PJ's....I have been getting up by 8...only cause we are doing a float for church....otherwise, pj's until 30 min. before hubby comes home, then mad rush to look busy??? :)(which is like 3pm)
The oldest has his license now, because he didn't like me driving him to the mall in one knew, they weren't sheep or moons or whatever. Liz Claborne...TJ MAXX of course....anyway, he had to be there before noon....
love ya girl!
Cya at party Monday nite???????
I Totally went bowling and you were NOT there. ugh. I counted on you. It was so boring. I had time to WATCH him bowl 2 games. thanx.