Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Don't Drop The Soap!!!

All of the soaps I ordered from The Foil Hat are here now. I walk past them to go to bed at night and also when I come out of my room in the morning. I have decided perhaps I should just keep them all. No one can appreciate them like I can. I love them every one. See that tan and green one on the left? It is brandied pear and I can't seem to stop smelling it everytime I walk by. Awesome almond lures me in and the "brandy" smacks me in the face with it's deliciousness. So far I have only opened 2 of my ten-one for each bathroom. Chai Tea-yes it is as wonderful as it sounds-for my long luxurious baths and candy cane for an invigorating shower filled with minty goodness.
I will try not to post about the soap again. Walking past them so often just makes me swoon a little and swooning reminds me of all my wonderful internetties that like swoonish-ousness also. I am so sad you can't smell all the wonderful soapy smells that I smell as I post.
Erik just walked by the shelf of soapalicious smells and said they remind him of "prison mail". Erik has not ever been incarcerated but he has delivered mail to the prison. Apparently, the ladies like to make their letters scented for their lovers. He said the whole perfumy mix permeates the entire mail truck-especially on a nice hot summer day.
This soap has made our whole house smell wonderful, not at all like prison mail. My next eight soaps will be as follows: awesome almond, brandied pear, gingerbread, berries and fig, hot chocolate, apple jack and peel, vanilla lavender, and then chai tea again. Or maybe they will all be brandied pear..."The sailors say 'Brandy, you're a fine girl' " ...Oh yes, I prefer my Brandy in the form of a soap. Perhaps blended with a spot o' pear.
I promise no more entire posts dedicated to soaps. I can't promise I won't mention them again though. I am very SCENTSATIVE right now.


jettybetty said...

Is that soap all for you?
I love sweet scents--so this must be good stuff.

hulagirlatheart said...

Where's the scratch and sniff button on your blog? I want to smell me some brandied pear, too. Or some almond. Actually, anything that doesn't smell like sour laundry, a dirty dog or a stale bathroom would improve my house today.

~ Stephanie. said...

I LOVE sliced soaps! The brandied pear intrigues me . . .

amy@thefoilhat said...

LOLOL - prison mail, huh? That's going to crack me up all night!

I'm so glad you received the soaps and are liking them.