Friday, November 02, 2007

The Eye Saga Continues...

This morning, the eye was worse than ever. I call the opthamologist and begged to be worked in and they gave me a 10 o'clock appointment. He is a doc I trust (note to self, Why don't you always go to him?) and he says it is the much less common and much less contagious VIRAL pink eye. Known for it's lack of oozy goo and usually only happens in grown ups. It is basically the common "cold" in your eye. My prescription is to keep wearing glasses, use the pain relief drops, moistening drops and wash hands before touching eyes and after touching eyes. I have been using antibiotic eye drops which have further irritated the eye. He says I should be over it around day 10-14.

Tonight is a youth rally. I am going with my daughter and since I am not in youth group mode at all, I am afraid. Wimpy afraid. Teenagers in large groups make me nervous. Pray for me. And Erik, who will be missing me so much he may become physically ill. NOT!

Have a great Friday!

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hulagirlatheart said...

Ha! As a veteran of many teenaged youth group affairs I can say--be afraid, be very, very afraid. Actually, they're usually pretty good until near the end when they get tired and cranky. Good luck!