Wednesday, October 17, 2007

We're playing basketball!

By we, I certainly don't mean me. Some fellas at our church have become a part of a local men's basketball league. Nearly the whole church (slight exaggeration) turned out to support them. It was so much fun! They are not spring chickens but they are still in good shape and they played very well together. Good teamwork. At first we were not gonna go because the game did not start until 8:30. ARGHHH!! Our bedtime in these parts is 8PM, so it was a stretch. I'm glad we stretched. It was more fun than a barrel of monkeys. The fouls had me nearly falling off my seat laughing. We did the wave. The other team had one spectator. I guess we waved once too often though, cause she left before half-time. It might have been the time though considering she had a baby and what looked to be a kindergardener. Our bleachers were full. And happy. I won't report the score-our team played awesome and that's what really counts. It was very close. GO FOG!

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~ Stephanie. said...

I am WITH you on that one! What a hoot! Can't wait until next week! "FEAR THE FOG!"