Thursday, October 18, 2007


We are down one tooth and up one "fairy dusted" dollar and some coinage. I would show you a grin with a gaping hole in it, but blogger isn't allowing me to post pics right now. This is Lilly's first lost tooth and boy is she proud!! She has been working on this tooth for well over a month. As is typical of loose teeth, it was ready to come out last night at church. It is no fun to lose a tooth at home. Much better to get to church and then wiggle it with all you have hoping for bloodspill. She lost it just in time for class and she is still walking on air. Such a "big kid" thing, losing teeth.

I just wish it would have happened last year, as by this year there is much doubt about a tooth collecting fairy with large sacks of money. She is far too "smart" to believe in such as that. Erika tried really hard to encourage the myth to her, but she is a 6 year old cynic. I had hoped to keep her believing at least through the first one. She doesn't even call her dollar "fairy dusted". She calls it a dollar with glitter glued all over it. She is loving it and protecting it though! All of the girls have kept theirs. It is a tradition a friend shared with me because Erika was spending the night with her daughter when she lost her first tooth. She "blinged" it up for me to take as we were leaving and we hid it away. I hope it lives on through my grandkids because it is super-cool. Reason # 778 I love glitter.

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hulagirlatheart said...

Ooh, I love glitter. It's almost as good as sequins.