Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Time Out...

I gave myself a time-out from thinking and serious soul searching, which meant no blogging. I'm back now and I feel much better. I had a girl's afternoon and night out last night with a friend of mine and my kids. Her kids are grown(almost) so she gives me perspective. My kids adore her and since she has all boys, she likes to walk on the girl side. Our evening finalied in another state watching my favorite drummer play music. We got to cheer him on and still make it home by 10. It was fun. She is one of many of my friends that make me like me more.

Thursday night I spent the evening (not a long stay but enough) with another one of those friends. I love my wonderful friends that give me grace, call me out when I'm wrong and ENJOY my company. It is my firm belief and conviction that our fellowship with other Christians is two-fold. One, we are to encourage one another daily(while it is still called today-Heb. 3:13) and to LOVINGLY help each other grow to be more Christlike.

Conflict is sometimes a part of the deal. It makes us stronger and stronger is better. There is a spiritual war raging and I want to be a better soldier.

To quote Mama Mia, sort of, nobody wants a t!tty baby* on their team. ( : She was referring to me, I am so hurt.

*No offense is intended to t*tty babies.

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