Monday, October 22, 2007

In Case You Have Wondered...

Setting Captives Free is really a hard program. It is hard to think of my overeating, gluttony, and obsession with food as a sin. However, I know that it is. It does separate me from God. I hate the way I obsess over chocolate and sugary goodies. My least favorite holiday is coming up. It is my least favorite and one of my favorites. My favorite because it is frivilous fun. My least favorite because its focus is to be a gluttonous fool. Even people who don't normally gorge can't help but ingest copious amounts of mini chocolate bars.

The focus of SCF is to "feast on the word" every day which will strengthen me and keep me "full" of God. It has been a real tough thing, but I have been rewarded with watching the number on the scales move slowly in a new direction. All of my clothes fit and some are a little loose. Now, I am a big girl so it will be a while-many pounds before others notice. I am down 9.5 pounds since beginning Tales fron the Scales. I dropped out because a weekly weigh in was making me focus on food even more and that is not a good plan for me.

I hope to continue as I have, slowly making permanent changes. I am down to just cream in my coffee-not sugar or sweetener of any kind. I am trying to eliminate diet drinks as well. I think they are bad for me. I love FIZZ, so I am just "cutting back" at this point. It is still an improvement. I am trying not to "give up" anything, just cut back. Every little bit of improvement helps. Sacrifice and condemnation just set me up for failure.

If you are on a weight loss journey too, I encourage you to be slow and steady. It does win the race. Allow yourself some mess ups that don't derail the whole plan. There are times of the month when we eat more and we don't need to beat ourselves up for it. There are also times of the month when it is easy to be on track. Here's hoping Halloweeen comes in on one of those "on-track" days!!

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hulagirlatheart said...

Congratulations on the 9.5 pounds! That's awesome. I am rooting for you. As a substitute for the diet soda try Aquafina's carbondated water. It's kind of expensive, but it's zero calorie, fruit flavored water with the carbonation of soda. They sell it at the grocery store near your house.