Friday, October 12, 2007

Oh my!! Fall yard sales rock. It isn't hot and people seem to be really happy to be unloading their crap from their house. Here are a few of the bargains we snagged:

  • another softball glove (I think we all have one now!)
  • a new bike helmet for Lilly (Hers disappeared when the girls started playing the"ride in the wagon down the hill while wearing helmets" game.)
  • 3 shirts for me (very nice sweaters)
  • 3 cool pairs of jeans for Kayla for next year. They are about 3 inches too long but for a quarter a pair, I am willing to gamble! (size 1-can this be my child?)
  • a black wrought iron basket
  • disposable foil pans with lids
  • backpack for Lilly
  • wig with wig head holder
  • hair flat iron
  • new pretty quilted tote bag
  • kick ball
  • projector
  • craft sewing books
  • insect guide
  • junie b jones books
  • about 6 pair jeans for a friend
  • 3 prs shoes (sketchers, cool mules, and flip flops)
  • dog tie out with chain
  • embroidery hoops
  • a puzzle

The best thing of all though??!!! A former homeschool mom loaned us Bible time costumes that will be perfect for the Passover Seder that our co-op is doing. I have been fretting this big time ever since I found out. Now I can breathe easy knowing we all have costumes.

I love a productive shopping day. We spent approximately $25 on all of the above. The jeans alone would have been over $200 new.

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Mama Mia said...

thank you, thank you for snagging bargains for little old me!!