Friday, October 05, 2007

A little better...

Sometimes I feel like maybe I am too hard on myself, but most of the time I feel like I am a slacker. I think if I did all the things that I am supposed to do well, then I would be wonderfully happy. I think as much as I hate it, I have bought into the superwoman myth. The myth that says I will rise up at 4am and do my Bible study, bake bread for my family, prep for the three upcoming meals and a couple of healthy snacks, have a productive school morning and then a fun afternoon of crafts, experiments and physical activities. I laugh out loud when I read that "to do" list, but it is still the model that I try to piece together. Like maybe I get up at 8 and feel desperately behind and frustrated that I missed my Bible time and skip right on to food prep while yelling at the kids to get going on school. Not only am I failing, but I am making my kids feel like they are too. It is insane and I must stop it.

The perfectionist in my head that I can never live up to is turning me into a sloth that does not even want to try. I know I will fail and can't face that again.

How did you kill the perfectionist in your head? If she lives, did you give her an attitude adjustment? I do still have a can of whoop-a$$, maybe I should open it.


Ami said...

I once took a class on Time Management.
I don't know if it taught me anything big, it was more a way of showing a person how to focus.

But the image I've never been able to forget was the little cartoon in the course-accompanying handbook.

A little man was stomping on millions of ants all around him, while elephants were charging toward him from behind. Don't remember the exact wording, but basically, don't waste your time stomping on ants while you're being overrun by elephants.

As to being overwhelmed, I think we all go there. I know I do.

No fancy words of wisdom here, just what my grandma used to say.
"Do the first thing."

Sometimes, when I look around the messy house, at the stack of unpaid bills, the drift of unfolded laundry, the dog hair on the floor, I just want to go back to bed. But if I can make myself get started....

{{Hugs to you}}}}

You *do* know you're not the only person who goes through this, right?

Jen, Fred, Jennifer or Mom said...

Open it.... :)

Joeprah said...

I am a dude, so the perfectionist in my head is also a dude. I just tell him to chill and I get perspective through humor. I love to laugh and it seems to get me over a lot of stuff in my life.