Monday, September 24, 2007

Today will be busy.

** Go read this poem at hulagirl, it is moving and powerful.**

I coordinated the food for the family meal after the funeral today and I will serve and clean up as well. It sure hasn't been long since I did this, but the last one was such a different kind of funeral. It is one thing to lose a very elderly family member, quite another to lose a 37 year old woman in the prime of her life. It will be a very draining experience, so please lift me up in prayer today.

I love our church family. Since Jenna was a church member at our church, the service Sunday was more of a memorial service. Our preacher did a wonderful job with it. He acknowledged the fact that alot of people there did not know her (this is mostly because as a health care worker, she missed alot of Sundays), but when part of the body hurts, we all hurt. Her ex-husband and son came there to worship with us as well. A friend and I had gone to the store before services to get several boxes of kleenex. I don't know why our church did not have any, but it does now. I'm not sure there was a dry eye in the place. I sat beside a lady who worked with Jenna everyday as they recovered patients from surgery. Today will be so hard for all of them that worked side by side with her. She was a wonderful nurse, her co-workers and patients all thought so.

This is going to be my last post about Jenna. I can guarantee you I will not ever forget her story. It will impact the friendships I have and the things I notice forever. I will notice more when people don't seem themselves. I will love deeper and care more.

I believe God can always turn bad into good, even when it doesn't seem possible. Praise you Father for your unfailing love.

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hulagirlatheart said...

Thank you for the mention of my poem. And I am so sorry for the heartbreak in your church family over their loss this weekend. There is just no easy way to work through the emotions over a tragic death. I pray for healing for all those involved.