Saturday, September 08, 2007

Random and Odd

We are home from running like crazy, but not for long as we have a birthday party to attend. We need a good party, so we are glad to be going.

*Mom is not doing well. She is in constant pain but fortunately there is morphine. She is really funny on the morphine. She opens one eye to look around and check to see if she needs to open both. Happily, we rated both eyes. I was buying flowers for my Mom when my friend Jon called me to get my blog address. Hopefully you found me, Jon. I'll be expecting comments!! Lots of lovely comments. Be sure to sign your name if you post anonymously. Also, feel free to comment on old posts as all comments are emailed to me. ( ;

*I do my best to feed our family healthy food. We snack on raw veggies and fresh fruit. We keep very little junk food in the house. Lately, though, we are on a french onion dip kick. It is so good. I bought some on a fluke and this is officially the last one(of four) we will buy. I mean it. Also, guess what my children were begging for? Spam. I don't know what to say, it is a little indulgence I grant them ocassionally. Like today when we have 30 minutes for lunch. So the lunch spread is cheese, yogurt smoothies, spam, chips and dip. Yes, we are health nuts here.

*I will email about Part two of our mini vacation as soon as my friend Julie emails me her phone number. Julie, 10's of readers are waiting.

*We bought some fresh veggies at our local farmers market. May I just say, I love it there. We ran into lots of people we know and we got great deals. It would make my heart sing if I thought a single one of them actually had a vegetable farm. I don't think they do. I also don't ask. Don't ask, don't tell. I can't believe I'm quoting Clinton.

*Saw Clinton on the night-time Oprah repeat. He's still got it. Those women were falling all over each other to shake his hand. He made fun of Hillary, I liked that. I don't like him, but he has charisma that is undeniable. I did not get the feeling that Oprah loves him. She was not at all her usual lovey-dovey.


Julie Anne said...

I sent you my number, let me know you got it, I'm not completely sure of the address!

Julie Anne said...

p.s. you are a BOOGER for making me crave french onion dip. I haven't bought that stuff in yeeears and I'm afraid I must, this weekend. Tonight. We'll eat it w/ carrots and feel good about it ;)

Teacher Mom said...

they have turkey spam ya know!!

Julie Anne said...

p.s. again-- did you know Hawaiians are crazy about Spam, it's even served at McDonald's (Spam Platter 2.99). They eat more Spam there than anywhere else in the world altogether.