Friday, September 07, 2007

Cure for Angst

I woke up this morning feeling good because I had nothing on the calendar until dinner and then it was dinner with friends and that is a happy thing to have on the calendar. I declare an audio book and cleaning to be the order of the day. Mid-vacuum, my sis called to tell me they were taking Mom to the ER as she is having leg problems. Her leg is numb and cold. With diabetes, this is or could be very serious. Kayla was going to a sleepover and then the responsibility of getting supper to my stepfather became me. All of this developed AFTER I decided to strip all the bedding and run the rainbow throughout the house (nothing on the calendar and all).

All went well though. Kayla finally got to her friends (they were 35 minutes late because they didn't realize we were waiting on them), dinner and fellowship was wonderful, sheets are now on beds with little angels tucked away to dreamland and I am planning out some major juggling for tomorrow. A mandatory chorus event that I heard about Thurs., breakfast for stepdad, hospital visit, and oh yeah, some groceries might be nice all between the hours of 8am and 1 or so. Maybe I don't have time for a job after all. Didn't somebody mention "seasons of life"? I guess I am in the "not about me" stage.


Ami said...

Sending good thoughts for your mom.
I'm at a point where I'm starting to worry about my parents. Funny how each stage of life brings a new set of worries. I'm waiting for the lottery winner stage of life, I'm willing to take on more worry.

thruchildeyes said...

I think that would be a wise decision about the job. I suppose my e-mail got lost in cyberspace, but (with much rambling and debating) I was leaning towards an "it's not worth it" conclusion.

Your girls really impressed me tonight. They were exceptionally mature and sweet. Thanks for being so generous. Can't wait for Sunday!