Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Patient Controlled Anesthesia

What a wonderful tool. Mom's pain is very well managed, but the side effects are driving us crazy! She never really rests, she is working all the time. A small sample of what she does:

*Keeps an eye on the purple people at the edge of the room. Sometimes they are pink or orange.

*Uses the backhoe to move all the piles of black dirt around the room.

*Loves her doctor, the one with the cute ears that fold over like a bunny rabbit.

*Watches us make cute little dolls.

*Pours soup on the windmills to make them look pretty.

*Stacks up chickens.

*Hangs clothes on her IV line, the PCA line when we move the IV line.

Underneath all the non-sense is Mom. She knows we are there and when we leave or go to the bathroom. She loves to have company. She is extremely lucid at moments when medical staff is in the room. She can have a normal conversation on the phone. Unless any of these things last longer than a moment, then the pain medicine induced stupor comes back.

Surgery went great yesterday. The doctor scooped out all the plaque that was blocking it and seems to have restored the circulation. The foot looks much better and is warm again. We are praising God for all the little steps we can take to keep her going and comfortable. Thanks for all of your prayers!


Sallie said...

I'm sorry to hear about your mom and the nonsense. Hope all is well...


P.S. love the pic of the glass hat in a few posts down..

Teacher Mom said...

As long as she's not running down the hall with her gown wide open or pinching cute dr.'s behinds she's gonna be just fine. Hugs,hugs and prayers....hope to talk to you soon.