Saturday, August 18, 2007

I'm much too young to feel this D--n OLD!

This song has been running through my head all day. I keep reminding myself I am 35 not 25. Big difference. It all started Thursday night. We had a nice meeting about our new keepers of the faith club. Of course, then we had to go out to restaurants that never close, be all goofy, laugh and talk for hours about nothing and everything. Then Friday night, going to be my husband's biggest fan when I should have been catching up on sleep. Today we put the whipped topping on the tired and weak Janice sundae by going boating with Marla, Alyssa, Kelsey and all of us. It was so much fun in the hot sun. After that, two celebrations-Erik and the girls went to his parents for ribs to celebrate his big siss's birthday and I went to a church dinner that celebrated the clean slate of a member. Now I am back home to find that I am whipped. I am going to bed. I wouldn't trade the memories of the past few days for anything-friends and family are tops in my book. If I could though, I would've stretched the days out a bit over the week instead of them being all smushed in a row!!

Erik, my hat is off to you as you are drumming again tonight. You are an awesome drummer and provider for your family. I love ya , baby. I am praying you bursts of sustaining energy and a restful day tomorrow.

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