Monday, August 06, 2007

Crazy from the heat

Or maybe it is all this blasted clutter. I am milling through it all slowly. It is torturous and dreadful. And stacked in a corner of the garage. Yard Sale seems unavoidable. Our new club is having a yard sale, but I think my 75 boxes might be a little intimidating for other people to work through. I figure I can do a sale and still have plenty more for the next sale. Especially since there is still more cleaning out to do, but it has to wait until the other stuff is gone before I can add more to the pile. Hard to believe how much crap I have accumulated in such a small area.

Fun thing this morning-my house is a special kind of trashed reserved for de-cluttering. IT is never super because I am not much of a flybaby, but it is usually somewhat decent. My in-laws popped in for a quick visit. Oh my my. That is a fun surprise. Now my mom would be bad, she wishes I were neater. But Erik's parents are just so neat. I have never seen them have a mess. Ever. Erik often tries to share her cleaning tips with me. The look from hell usually stops him mid-sentence.

Today is my oldest daughter's birthday. We are going out for dinner and fun times after that. We could have done fun stuff today as well but between the smart-alec back talk and the boatloads of homework, we have been little worker bees instead. They are taking a little break to photograph the kittens. I love digital cameras. They can take all they want and I can just delete any I don't want. Love it.

Happy 11th Birthday, Erika.

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~ Stephanie. said...

My grandparents always had an uncluttered house too. They didn't have friends over, they never had people for dinner, they didn't have hobbies, they never remodeled/redecorated, they never hosted parties, and their children were never allowed to be dirty.

I hate clutter too, but I'll take it over sterile anyday.