Saturday, July 21, 2007

True Confession #2

I lack social graces. I have never met a stranger. I can make conversation with a rock. What I cannot do, once I have reached a certain point in a friendship, is grow that friendship more without alot of love, grace and understanding on the part of the other person. I am real good up to certain point and then I feel awkward, am not sure what to do-how to act and most "friendships" die right there. Don't get me wrong, I have alot of friends, but they love me in spite of myself. They know I am not a super attentive person that will always remember their birthday and finish their sentences. I have trouble finishing my own sentences. They also must be tolerant of the fact that I am often late, spontaneous, procrastinaterous, and very forgetful. I talk to lots of people at length in a week-so the conversations get all jumbled up in my brain and I can't remember who I told what. I often say wonderfully encouraging things that I don't remember saying, but someone will say, "Hey, when you told me XYZ, it was really impactful. Thank you." I promptly reply with a hearty, "You are welcome." and try to remember saying it.

I used to be so different. In high school, my boyfriend/best friend, Jon was planning to be the president. He had a horrible memory and could not remember people's names to save his life. I could tell him their name, who they were related to, what car they drove and how he met them. You can see what a wonderful asset I would have been in the white house. However, he moved away to go to college and pursue a more "alternative" lifestyle. I got married and had three lovely children with my smokin' hot hubby and now have a permanent case of CRS. (Can't Remember *Stuff*)

They say your brain shrinks with each pregnancy. My memory loss and this "baby fat" all the consequences of bearing children. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.


Mia said...

That friendship thing is probably when they find out you like Meatloaf!! (the group not the entree')
You are a gem and I am so glad I found you!!

Jen, Fred, Jennifer or Mom said...

My theory is that brain cells get sucked out with the placenta....that is why with each child you have fewer and fewer brain cells least that is my for me.....

I think we might be long lost twins, cuz I too have never met a stranger and could make conversation with a rock AND I can not remember what i said 10 minutes ago to myself, much less anything else.