Saturday, July 21, 2007

True confession #1
Meatloaf Bat Out of Hell is my all time most favorite album. I know all the words and hearing it makes me very happy. Now, most people my age don't know who Meatloaf is, but I had older sisters who happened to like the hit "Two out of Three Ain't Bad" so much that they bought the album. We played the crap out of it. Then I think my former ex-brother-in-law Donnie also had it on 8-track. And the crap was played out of it as well. Dr. Hook and KISS were favorites as well.
The songs on this Meatloaf album are bittersweet for me. They remind me of a time when we were truly poor. We were two families living together in one tiny little trailer. My 15 year old sister, her husband, and their baby plus Mom, Pam, Linda and I. Two bedroom trailer. Oh, but we were happy. We played music and did each others hair and Mom had built-in baby-sitting and a man to lift the heavy stuff. Metloaf playing all the time.
I am not ashamed of my roots. We had a hard life and it bonded us all in deeply dysfunctional ways and I wish I could pass on some of that frugal survival spirit to my kiddos. I guess I will have to settle for sharing my love for Meatloaf with them instead.
Now, I have shared a closet love of music with you, what is your dirty little music secret?


hulagirlatheart said...

I Love Bat Out of Hell-Favorite song on that record (oops! CD) is "You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth". I also love Dr. Hook-My favorite song of theirs is Syliva's Mother. I stayed mad at my mother for weeks because she wouldn't take me to see them at Kaintuck Terrority when I was in 8th grade.

My favorite guilty pleasure-Aldo Nova's "Fantasy" album. It screams early 80's. I had to do without it for years when my turntable played out. I finally found it on CD last year at Best Buy. Oh, Aldo, it's good to have you back again.

Mia said...

okay, okay you twisted my arm. Between the years of 1979-1984 I was a punk rocker! Yes, its true, and in this little town that took bravery believe me. I had the spikey hair (pink,black,blonde etc.)the huge earrings and my music was The Ramones, The Police, Elvis Costello, The Clash etc....My kids don't believe me but I do have pictures to prove it!

Jen, Fred, Jennifer or Mom said...

ok, one of my favorite songs is Muskrat Love by America. I don't understand the song, probably has some hidden meaning that is awful, but I can't help but smile and sing along whenever I hear it. I even have the CD to play when I need a smile

Anonymous said...

oh the sweet memories of high school when "I want your sex" plays while I'm shopping at OldNavy...Early in the 80's Loverboy/ Rick Springfield.... could be heard playing at my house!! By late 80's I REALLY LOVED...MoTlEy CrUe..RATT, Poison, Whitesnake, A/C D/C, and Phil Collins...of course.
then came rap. ha ha. All I will say is Jan, me love you long time HA HA and Shrek's fav song I LIKE BIG........I drove that tape into the ground. I don't know what's so cool about Sir Mix Alot(original name,huh?)how about sir drinks alot or talks alot... or the Beastie Boys Brass monkey, driving around Noble Park and DQ, when it was a drive in?????????? I didn't even know what it was, not sure now. call me jan, help me figure out where all the anger came from.....:)
It's really bad when those songs come back to you while in choir practice. yeah. brass monkey, you funky monkey.....what in tha world??????
oh, I remember!!So cool.

enough past talking. see ya
your fav curly blonde friend
who was mean today, sorry. poor BAD kids. If lily said I was in a mood......boy o boy..whew.
luv ya

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