Thursday, July 26, 2007

This is the oreo stacking contest. A yearly tradition for our family. None of us ever wins-but we love it anyway. This year none of us had our stack fall and that is a victory. I had 19, Erika and Kayla had 16, and Lilly had 15. We all had fun. It started at 5. We got there at 4:52 and there was hardly anyone. By about 5:10 there were people everywhere. Erik made it in time to cheer us on, he does not participate because he has an image to protect. Or he doesn't want to make me look bad or something. I forgot what his reason was. I did not post a pic of me because I had on a new shirt that needs another safety pin but I did not realize it until Erik took my photo, leaned over my cookies. There was a little too much "cookie" in the photo.

Next post, sidewalk chalk.

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