Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Mom is doing much better, almost back to normal. I am thankful for her returning health. It is a blessing. I am learning to laugh at how she treats me instead of getting my feelings hurt, not there completely but getting there. Here is a lovely example of each.

WE were in the surgery waiting room waiting for Mom to go back. We had been told for the hundredth time just how dangerous the procedure was, so we were all taking turns crying and saying how much we loved each other. We were mentioning people who had been by to visit and pray. One gentleman in particular Mom mentioned. Setting the scene: My mom has always needled me about my weight. NON STOP. She has three thin daughters and one that is plump-me. She considers this the great failure of her life-that I am not thin. Since she is overweight, she thought she could bug me enough about it and it would make me thin. It actually backfired. I went from being sort of chubby in school to being very "well-nourished" as a grown-up. I don't give her any credit for it, but she takes it anyway. Long story short, she never misses an oppotunity to jab about the weight.

So anyway, back to the gentleman. Remember, we are all warm and fuzzy and telling each other how much we love each other. Mom pipes up about the gentleman, "He said he didn't even know you, Janice, since you had gotten so fat." My sister Linda then says, "Mom never misses an opportunity to say that, does she?" We laughed about it and it really was funny. It did make it harder not to pray her on to GLORY but I managed.

Next scene is yesterday. My day to "babysit" Mom. Then my sister gets there and decides we need to mow the yard. Mom feels much better and is even up walking around. Sue Ann is using the push mower. Mom decides she needs to get the riding mower out for her and proceeds to the shed and hops on and backs it out. Why? Because I could never figure it out. Why? Because I was 7 again in her eyes. Despite my 35 year old self right there in front of her. My three children in the house. My huge yard at home has been mowed with all manner of lawn mowers and I have been mowing since I was tall enough to push one. I could never figure hers out. IT was actually kind of like that all day. A short time after we finished the yard, I was all done and told my sis I was gonna go since she was there and Mom did not need both of us. I was on the verge of tears because it just sucks to be treated so badly when you just want to help make a bad situation better(the mower thing was one of many things). In my heart of hearts, I know she is just frustrated with her circumstances. I know it would stink to have to rely on your children to do everything for you and be forced to accept their help, advice and even relinquish your checkbook and transportation, even if it is temporary.

However, yesterday, being treated like a seven year old made me react like a 7 year old and I cried a little, took my kids and went home. Mom did not see the tears but my sister may have seen the hurt as she hugged me and thanked me for all my help. I headed home with a heavy heart. Then decided that blackberry picking all the way home would be much more fun and the kids and I had a ball-like a bunch of 7 year olds.


Mama Bear June said...

I'm so sorry you were treated that way. I wish people would realize when they are being hurtful. Little jabs like that are so aggravating. Sending hugs from Colorado.

Mia said...

((hug)) we always seem to hurt the ones we love the most