Monday, May 07, 2007


I felt I needed to post that somewhere since the schools always do. It makes no sense to me. I don't think I can drive by any quieter. The rebel in me does want to honk all the way by, but I am trying to be a good example to my children so I just do a quick honk...Heehee.

My kids are so excited. They have been up since 6:45 and asking, "When do we leave? What time? What is it going to be like?" Except Kayla, wo is saying things like, "Are we really doing CATS testing? Just like school? Will you and Dad really give us $50 if we get them all right?"

I am nervous. I know exactly how it must feel to have your job hanging on the performance of a kid's test. Totally unfair. My benefits package is at risk here. I may lose my tenure and be on academic probation. They may bump me down to teaching kindergarten.

Actually, I AM at risk for a good stern lecture which could prove to be very uncomfortable. It will be good to know our strengths and weaknesses, which is , after all, the reason for testing in the first place.

Answers to questions? We begin testing at 9:30. Each grade tests separately. It is the Stanford Aptitude test and the OLSAT. Yes, we will pay $50 for a test with all answers correct. And no, these test scores won't determine whether or not we homeschool next year, but they could influence some curriculum purchases! ( :


Mia said...

don't forget your #2 pencils!!

Jacinda said...

That's funny about honking! Maybe I should do that when I pass by Gracie's school today! HA! or turn on my bass really loud with the windows rolled down!

We have been given a "reprieve" from the BIG testing for awhile. I guess 1st & 2nd grade used to take a BIG one but they changed it this year and now they won't. They do take a PACT writing test today but apparently it's no big deal b/c her teacher said they've been doing it (the writing prompts) all year and Gracie barely mentioned it so I think her nerves are okay! I think 3rd grade is when the BIG test happens!