Sunday, May 06, 2007

Ode to Mowing

I love to mow. I love the beautiful freshly mown(mowed?) grass. I love the way I am surrounded by brave robins and mockingbirds looking for bugs right where I have just been. I love the gorgeous straight rows of a fresh cut. I love smiling as I drive over a hole Tobilicious Toby or another before him dug. (Except that one hole that is big enough to lose a wheel in which I avoid.) I love singing "Another One Bites The Dust" in my head as I run over another toy. "Hey, I'm gonna get you too, heyaaaaaahheeyahheeeyahhey......" It is a good feeling. It will stay done much longer than the living room I slaved over all day yesterday which is already undone.

I love the roar of the mower which drowns out all else. I love the talks I have with God. I even love that I will come in to a fresh freckle or two on my face. I love that hubby mows the big hill that feels all wrong as you mow it. I also love that it is 3:18 and we are all done.

Now, to work on the garden. I love to till. I love to plant seeds into the soft soil and watch them sprout and grow.

God is good. Thank God I'm a country girl. Where's my Fiddle?


Julie Anne said...

Don't know which is grammatically correct but "mown" sounds more poetic. ;)

Sallie said...

I'm a country girl too -- just currently displaced by the Marine Corps... LOL..

I keep looking at farms online and my husband keeps getting that worried look on his face... oh well, one of these days ;-)

Mia said...

you are a sick, sick woman! ; )