Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Random and Odd

  1. I have not posted about Tobilicious Toby in a while. He is doing great. He weighs 46 pounds now and we are kind of thinking he is as big as he is going to get, which is officially a medium sized dog. He did grow into his ears. He is very cute anyway.
  2. Diet is officially ON today. The girls had fried potatoes, buttered toast and chocolate milk for breakfast (now that is a heathy meal!!) I had a microwaved baked potao with salt, dry toast and a diet coke. I will have to make the much dreaded grocery store trip today as we have very little "diet" worthy food in the house. Since everyone else is so skinny, I don't have to worry much about calories for them. That may be alot of the problem for me.
  3. Many friends have recommended Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice to me. It is a good book, but it is, like most "classics", hard to read. At least for me. I am a very fast reader. I usually start a book in the morning and wrap it up in the evening. I have been reading this book for about 3 months and have read about six other books concurrently. Now I have reached the point where I won't read another book until this one is done. TORTURE. It is a nice story, but it won't be on my list of favorites like all six of the Lynn Austin books I have read. (I found Lynn Austin accidentally while looking for Pride and Prejudice at the library, so I will always love Jane Austen for that reason!) The God's and Kings series is a fictional account of how the kings of the Old Testament lived. AWESOME BOOKS!!
  4. The girls and I are listening to the Redwall audio book. This is a great book and I have many new sayings to incorporate into our home. "Hurry up or I will have your skulls for skittles." "Hurry up or I will have your whiskers for boot laces!" Both of these are, of course, spoken with a very bad English accent. It is a great audio book!! Boys and girls alike would love it.
  5. None of my candidates won the primary yesterday. Most of Erik's did. The slick guy who wants to bring casinos to KY won. Fletcher is looking good to me now. Does KY really NEED more gambling? The horse betting capital of the world?? I don't think so.
  6. My house is still relatively clean from Sunday. This may be a record and to make it even better, two of my friends came over yesterday and caught the house clean. I am so proud. Also, yesterday, I managed to get one more strip of wallpaper up in the kitchen. I shall try to do another today. It is funny how your goals change when you live with three children all day EVERY day. Suddenly one strip of wallpaper up seems like a major accomplishment. Perhaps painting will go quicker. Babysteps.
  7. I got a wonderful thank you letter from one of the homeschool families that went with us to Brandon Spring. One of her lines was that is was "hard to leave there and she could not narrow down what her favorite thing was and she really wants to go back". I can ditto that. My big girls are going to an area conservation camp this year and I will be interested to see how it stacks up. Erik and I both went when we were kids and loved it.
  8. I CAN'T BELIEVE MAY IS ALMOST OVER!!! I hate how time seems to be stuck on fast forward. Summer comes and goes so quickly!! Boating season is here, I predict we will be on the lake as soon as hubby gets a day off! We would have already been, but it was cold and windy on his last day off. Windy days are torture on the water.
  9. If we don't pick strawberries soon, we are gonna miss them!! Maybe tomorrow. Also, our garden is doing very well and so far I am managing to keep it hoed. I am a very bad hoer. HEE HEE. Read that out loud and it's funny.

Well, I guess that is all the rambling I have for today. My girls were given a sewing machine and they are really enjoying it. We have two now, so no fighting. Lilly is wanting me to help her hand sew and despite my aversion to it, I shall help her do some sort of project. Oh boy, crafting day here we come. Have a wonderful day!!


Sandy said...

Have you seen the P&P movie? If not, watch the new one, and it will help you put a face and a personality to the characters in the book. Becca and I watch P&P together at least every 3 months or so... we both like the new movie, although there are P&P "purists" out there who are genuinely offended that a "new" movie was ever made after the BBC version which stars Colin Firth as Darcy (and is like 6 hours long). Your girls might watch it with you... Kiera Knightly stars in it. There are also lots of really trashy knock-off sequels to P&P... but I don't recommend those! :-)

Mia said...

I second the movie suggestion. As a matter a fact you can borrow my copy! I am a bookworm too but never made it through that one.
As far as the diet well......