Friday, May 04, 2007

Fun names...

Because I am organizing a whole bunch of people into a group activity, I thought it might be fun to share some of the Miss names I have been bantering about in my overloaded and under-rested brain. Please think of some more and leave them in the comments!

Miss Informed: Despite the lengths you went to including every single morsel of information, Miss Informed will immediately ask a question you answered in the first sentence of the email. (Heather, if the shoe fits wear it!! JK-you answered you own question and then blamed the fog on your kids-totally the right plan!)

Miss Correction: Immediately points out the seventeen misspellings and errors in your email. (However annoying this is-it is completely essential to get this feedback)

Miss Spoke: She will sign up with glee and then back out curtly and without explanation at some mysterious "wrong" done to her that had nothing to do with you, per se, just something she had to do-as a statement. (Seriously, delete and move on. Ask no questions or you WILL be sorry.)

Miss Butterfly: She is happy and jolly that you have organized and is an organizer in training. She will watch and study and work toward planning the next activity. (Praise the Lord for butterflies!)

Miss Moth: She used to be a butterfly until a group of people sucked all her pretty colors off. Now she suffers from a special sort of burn-out that won't allow her to even socialize with a group of people that might ask her to do something. (Sure, you just want me to sweep-that's how all of this got thing you know I am baking 12 dozen cookies and out $50.)

Miss Spider: She is camped out in her web...waiting. Stalking. She will spin her web of discontent and try to make everyone hate you, what you organized, and love her best. Miss Spider really wants to be a butterfly but hasn't learned how to play nice.

Miss Congeniality: If you are lucky, there will be 52 of these on your sign-up list. They don't want to organize and they never will, but they are willing to jump through hoops of fire to help you pull it off. Thankfully, most of the world falls into this category.

Miss Spaz: She will sign up for the most important item or job and then forget to come.(Or just not "feel" like it or it isn't sunny-seasonal disorder, you know!) Tis best to know who these people are and have a back-up plan. She may turn over a new leaf though-at any moment so give her room!

I have been all of these at one time in my life or another, except the moth. It is on my list of things to do. HEE HEE.

I love organizing. Stop sucking off my pretty colors you crazy people!!! ( :


Mia said...

okay I give up which one am I? Be gentle I am fragile HAHA
Miss Hap (as in unfortunate, unlucky) this gal gets overly excited and volunteers a location for said extravaganza...only to be cut down by liability insurance or lack thereof!
Don't count your chickens Miss Hap

janjanmom said...

I was gonna say Miss Congeniality (I bet that is a first for you-HA)but then after reading yours, I have to go with Miss Hap.

Jen, Fred, Jennifer or Mom said...

oh, those are gooood......

how 'bout Miss Sucker.....doesn't actually sign up for much of anything, but always ends up the co-chair of a lot cuz she can't say no to friends who are Butterfly's.....

that would be me.....

Paul said...

Miss Stepp. When we dance, she's all over my shoes. Ugh!

There's some men, too. Like Mister Completely.

Stopped by from Michele's.