Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Early to bed...

Early to rise...Wait, I don't go to bed early. Yet still my children want to get up sooooo early. Erik's genes. He loves getting up early. Actually, I don't know if he loves it or not, he just can't help it. Lately, I have found that if I stay in bed past 8AM, I feel like I have been hit by a truck. I hate growing older, or maybe I just hate feeling older.

Today, Tobilicious goes to get snip, snip. He is very angry because he had to sleep in his crate last night and be taken out to pee on his leash. Not a very happy doggy! We don't really even use the crate anymore as he stays on the porch when we have gone somewhere for the day. He is very territorial, mostly about his food and water, so he doesn't go far from the porch. This has afforded him much freedom.

Brouhaha has simmered down and it looks like I may be traveling despite my earlier thoughts. I deleted that post though. I like to get it all out and then delete it. I'm fun that way. It allows me to change my mind and feel differently if I delete such a strong post. Really, I don't feel any different, but I need to focus my energy on more beneficial things. TS, you are on your own. I predict I will be stuffing alot. And changing the subject often because I ain't gossiping about it again.

We have a very busy day ahead of us, much to do before our 10 AM $1 movie, so I am starting off with a nice warm shower. Have a great WEDNESDAY!


Mia said...

Please tell me about this $1 movie and how do I get one?? Girl, you think your sleep habits are weird now just wait until you are over 40!
Mia (who just gave away her if looking at her isn't proof enough of over 40 status)

Anonymous said...

Mia speaketh the truth! I used to be such a night owl - now I sleep on an 11:30 to 6 AM schedule! What's that about! I am not a morning person, but my over-40 body apparently is.
~ Stephanie