Thursday, April 05, 2007


I just harvested our asparagus crop. It was only one stalk, but very pretty. We have been working on our asparagus bed for a couple of years. Though we have not been very diligent, it appears that we need to buy quite a few more plants to be successful. However, I just picked the stalk and combined it with some from the grocery. Yum. I love fresh asparagus sauteed with garlic in olive oil (or butter).

There is quite a cold snap here and I am hoping the doom and gloom(cold weather snap) predicted for this weekend is wrong or that by some miracle, our new seedlings in the garden are hearty enough to take it.

We have had quite the busy work day at Erik's grandma's house. It was fun for our whole family to serve her that way. She is 92 and really sweet and funny. She calls my girls "hussies" and then apologizes because she says it didn't used to mean that. Then she giggles again and says "I know you don't like it when I call them that." I just love her to pieces, she can call them whatever she wants and I'll giggle with her. At 92, you can say and do what you want!

Hope you have had a blessed Thursday!


Mia said...

my grandmother is 92 also and some of the things she comes out with! not suitable for print! anyway love your blog and you should try roasted asparagus with parmesan cheese and lemon juice...YUMMY!!

Julie Anne said...

Can't you cover your seedlings with sheets of plastic or something like that? Don't have much gardening experience, just seems like I've heard of that.
I've heard hussy used in a playful way by old people too, must be a thing from their generation. My Grandma calls everybody a "nerd", she uses it like a cuss word, it's hilarious.