Monday, February 05, 2007

Supermom cape surrendered

Today the Earth stood still for just a moment while a wife to one, mom to three gave up her supermom cape. She realized that with three children, two of whom were sick, could not take the added burden of a sick dog that may or may not live. The rest of the family gave a sigh of relief as this was common knowledge to them. It was easy to see just by looking at Mount Washmore without the laundry created by Toby, beautiful, very sick twice an hour, baby dog. Toby was taken in by a Foster mom who is said to be "amazing". It is said that the dog will either recover from "upset stomach"and be returned to former "supermom" or will be euthanized before the ending stages of parvo. One or the other is to be the culprit of this puppy's illness. The family is bracing for the worst and praying for the best. Supermom is relieved to put it in God's hands. She is also writing in third person and choking back tears. Prayers for the family are requested.


Jacinda said...

(((hugs))) & prayers!

Heather said...

Awww, I'm so sorry.

summer said...

i empatize and am sending love and prayers!!!! love you guys,

DanaB said...

Here's to hoping it was just 'new puppy anxiety' issues--I know when we brought our German Shepherd Dog home, she threw up two or three times before settling right in and doing just fine. I'm gonna hope for that for y'all!
Hope your girlies are on the mend!!


Steph said...

Those beloved pets can sure tug at our heartstrings, can't they? You are a super mom, by the way. And a super friend. I was much more blessed by our conversation Friday night than I could ever have been by any movie or book. God knew it would be that way, too!