Saturday, January 13, 2007

Through the Bible in 90 Days is a study that is supposed to allow you to just read straight through the Bible without taking notes or doing in-depth study. The purpose of this is two-fold, you earmark places you want to come back to to study and it gives you a general overview of the entire Bible. Also the short time-frame prevents getting bogged down and quitting halfway through the year. I am excited. I can't believe I have never read the Bible through, but I have not. Perhaps, through my different Bible studies I have come close-but that only counts in horseshoes and hand-grenades. I may do this in place of the Ladies Bible study at my church since I have so many other irons on the fire right now [co-op, girl scouts, girl scout cookies, pampered chef, upward basketball practices and games X 3 girls, homeschool(complete with "outings" and daily grind), mt washmore, cooking and cleaning]. They don't look so bad written out but it is a full-time adventure and more than I really want to be involved in.

Today was the first day of Upward Basketball games and I really enjoyed it. This was Lilly's first game ever and she was not scared of the ball and she paid attention and hustled. She does the cutest little dances that mostly make it hard for her to accomplish things like dribbling and shooting but it does increase her exercise which is the main reason for us being involved to begin with. She had a blast and loves it very much.

Erika and Kayla's game was a little more competitive. Erika hasn't lost her "edge" since last season. She was still very quick up and down the floor and even scored a basket. This is her third year and she does well. She gets the concept and despite being the smallest on her team, gets in there and is an asset to the team. Kayla is only playing for the second year and is getting good at dribbling and is losing her fear of the ball(specifically-someone taking the ball while she is dribbling which is a real fear!). She made some shots and even got a couple of free throws. She did not score any points, but it takes a while to master shooting. ESPECIALLY free throws. It takes such a perfect shot and everyone is looking and sooooo much pressure.

I played basketball both years of middle school and did well. I loved it and I still do. My favorite of all the sports until it gets into politics and money and then I just want to puke. It is fun when it is just a game and nobody cares who your parents are. I watched many a good player sit the bench whose parents weren't a "booster" while other so-so players from money played all they could stand. Then of course, the shining stars who were both excellent ballplayers and had money. The story of life- a level playing field is nice but not usually achievable. OOOOH, that makes me sound like a democrat...I don't believe the field can be leveled though so that makes me a realist. People who play on an unlevel playing field on the downside win the character game and that is really the only one that counts.


jettybetty said...

I love the 90 days through the Bible--I may suggest that for one of the studies for our ladies at church in the fall--we usually do 10-12 week studies--but this is only 14 and you go all through the Bible.

It's been a few years--but I have read through the Bible a couple times--I think you will be blessed. The thought of it right now makes me want to do it again.

My favorite sport is BB, too! I even kind of understand it. Isn't the upwards program great? Do you have it your church?

So, now I have you figured out--you are a democrat and a realist ;-)!!

Jacinda said...

Yes, I got the pictures. Thanks!!!!!