Thursday, November 09, 2006

The winds of change are blowing

I am beginning to see what an un cluttered life will be like. Some rooms are very successful (kitchen/baths) as far as being uncluttered. The kitchen is there too if you don't count the dining room which is covered every surface. I am making progress but it is soooooo slow!!

My energy level has been shot. I think it is because when we re-introduced sugar, I went a little crazy with carbs. Carbs are like that. They always want to play and do fun stuff. Hang out with you and watch TV. The complex carbs I am hanging with now say, "Come on Janice, you're not hungry. Drink some more water and go to bed." Today is the first day I woke up and did not swear I was wearing lead pajamas.

I am also trying to be more environmentally correct (but mostly it is for my hands and nose) and clean with vinegar and baking soda. Cheap is a nice plus. That cleaning aisle at Walmart will kill the budget! I have been doing this in the kitchen for months now. I waited to use up all my other bathroom stuff to make the switch in there. I was also very doubtful that it could clean tub scum. I ran a bit of hot water, made a baking soda paste and rubbed it on the sides of the tub. Then I sprayed the vinegar all around on that paste and let it sit a minute or so. My tub just sparkles. I am amazed. My hands are so happy. Vinegar is also a natural deodorizer so my house is starting to smell like nothing. I love it to smell like nothing...or the candle I choose to burn.

This is my last year for scouts and I let everyone know it at the beginning of the year. I have my first casualty now. If they start dropping like flies, I don't think I can last the year out. This particular one is at odds with her cousin who is also in my troop-but still, her mom is awesome, a big help and it will be really hard to see them go. Please let everyone else stick it out to the end!! It is always hard to lose a girl. I second guess myself to death. I should just let it go, let it flow, its OK. Now cleansing breath...

I can't wait to get snowed in and not be able to leave the house. I would like to be home long enough to develop cabin fever, anybody with me?????


jettybetty said...

I have to try your cleaning solutions--they sound wonderful!

I love to be snowed in only if I don'thave to go somewhere--there's a big plus for you--homeschool!

BohemianMama said...

Good ol' vinegar and baking soda, makes sense! Must try it. (our grandmas would be laughing at us and saying "duh?!")
NO joke about the cleaner aisle killing the budget... I abhorr having to dig into the "grocery" section of my handy-dandy cash organizer to buy cleaners. Now I have a reason to buy that great big box of Arm & Hammer, I've always wanted the big one. Cool beans.

Anonymous said...

I've heard of the vinegar and baking soda before, but I never thought it would work that well !! Especially on soap scum, that's awesome.
I would loove to be snowed in ! In this part of KY. we don't get much snow, maybe an inch or two that we're lucky if it lasts for a day or two.
Although about 10 yrs. ago they had a foot of snow here and I've heard (we didn't live here then) that they shut down the city for several days, we can only hope !

Anonymous said...

I too have been de-cluttering my house for the last two weeks. It's hard!! But I am giddy at the thought of an uncluttered house. :) Keep it up!

Chrissy said...

Hi! Im so glad I finally found time to come visit you! I have you bookmarked and cant wait to keep reading! We too use more "natural" cleaners! And WOO HOO for snow days!!

Susie said...

Unnatural cleaners only for me, thanks.

And you know even if we got snowed in here (highly unlikely in the Heart of Dixie), the Chief would send someone after me in a 4-wheel drive! LOL.