Friday, November 10, 2006

I am a recovering sleep addict...

and yet my children dislike going to sleep and can't wait to get up in the morning. First light rouses them right up and attem'. I love to sleep. I don't like to go to bed, I have to make myself go to bed. I love the midnight hour. The aloneness of it. I am very excited to be alone, it is so rare. The next morning though, I want to sleep till noon. This is not an option and I begin each day a little resentful. I just need to cave in and go to bed at 10 and get up at 5 which would put me up before my kids for once.

I accomplished alot last night. I went through and threw out a lot of paper clutter. It is alarming how much unnecessary paper stuff is floating around here. Homeschooling creates such a dileman-I want to have "proof" of work, but I don't want to keep all of the work either. What do you fellow homeschoolers do about ALL OF THIS PAPER??

I am getting ready for a whole weekend of work (Pampered Chef) and I am both euphoric and also dreading it. I love the flexibility of my business, but I am also positive that most days I would fire me if I had other staff that could fill my slot! I need to set some firm office hours and stick to them. Instead of waiting until I have work and then taking three days to sort through and get ready!!

Okay, I am off to start some breakfast. I believe scrambled eggs and toast for this morning!! Have an awesome Friday, y'all.


Anonymous said...

I am exactly the same way ! I am a night owl, I also love the quiet and aloneness, but in the morning I feel half dead, I have to have my coffee before I start to feel awake.
I have a yearly planner for each year and I write what I do each week in it, I don't keep any paper work. If anybody were to ask you about anything, like the school board they would most likely test them anyway (I've asked the school board) and that's what I was told. By testing they'll know where kids are at.
I also work from home (Herbalife, its nutritional and weightloss products.) I also love the flexibility and the extra money's not bad either :)

Susie said...

I used to be a night owl. But since I started having to be at work at 6am, I go to bed EARLY, and as a result get up earlier. But I was extremely blessed with late riser children. They stagger out of bed at around 8:30am at the earliest. I wake my 13 y/o up at 10am if it's not a school day. As a result, on my off days, I get quite a bit done before they get up. ; )