Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya tomorrow.

We don't have anywhere to be and for that I am thankful. We may go somewhere with a friend but she is calling me early in the day to let me know for sure. If we don't do that with her, it is totally PAJAMA DAY. I am glad too because I am tired. We have gone too much too many days in a row. Mount washmore has developed into it own mountain range. If we do go with her, that will totally be fine too, because it will be for fun, not obigation or commitment.

Social studies fair was tonight and it was fun. It may be my favorite homeschool function. Some of the kids are total hams and others are funny. Some are funny on purpose, others not so much. It is a great time and the kids always learn alot. Eve, if you are reading this, Hats off to you for another successful year. I'm glad we skipped the whole refreshment thing. It is more fun, less stress without it.

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