Wednesday, November 22, 2006


I am tempted to celebrate at home this year. I am sooo sensitive. I get my feelings hurt easily. I sense when my children get on someone's nerves and it hurts my feelings. On my side of the family, there are ten million kids and what's three more. It is just one big playfest. On Erik's side of the family though, this year, we will be the only little kids. There are so many things that must be supervised, volume, activity level, talkitiveness. I hope to be able to enjoy myself and not spend Thanksgiving yelling at my kids for normal kid behaviour.

Anyone have any tips for sanity keeping?


~DanaB~ said...

:) Happy Thanksgiving!
Don't yell at the kids for normal kid-stuff, just realize that it IS normal and ENJOY them! When other people see you enjoying your kids, they tend to do so as well, or at least they pretend to LOL! Take coloring books or stickers.... Remember you're making memories with your kids and make them good ones!


Anonymous said...

(((big hugs, Jan!))) How awful!

(Just me) If I thought my kids were gonna be looked down on, I would probably stick with my kids mostly and play quietly with them. They're probably gonna be milder mannered if they have more of my attention, and I gain the opportunity to enjoy my children. But that's just me. When I feel that people are looking down on my kids, I tend to stick very close to my kids and try to ignore those other people.