Wednesday, November 29, 2006


It is sooo warm and lovely and I keep hearing on the radio about the cold snap and snow coming tomorrow. It is hard to imagine that it could stick to anything because it has been so warm. We shall see. The kids are totally excited. They are sledding down the hill in their imaginations. Erik is rudging through the snow packing a heavy mailbag in his imagination. It makes me wonder how God can find a way to answer prayers that are opposite. Give the kids some snow or make the mailmen happy? We all want our mailmen happy, right?? Sorry honey, I know you hate postal jokes. They were only the first to have publicized disgruntled workers, certainly not the only...ooh, way off topic there.

I have accomplished nothing today inside my home but have dropped off Pchef orders, catalogs, made business calls, made deposits, washed dishes from a show. My house still looks scrambled. I don't wanna go to church. Get behind me Satan. I do wanna go to church. I have family there I haven't seen since Sunday!

Go to church people!! We need to refuel and fellowship with our families.

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