Saturday, November 04, 2006

Delusions of grandeur...

Overheard, while my daughters play barbies.

"I am the queen and I need this apron as a disguise so people won't know who I am." (Erika)

"Maybe you can tell them you are a homemaker." (Kayla)

"What is that?" (Erika)

I am totally tuned in to hear this. I can't wait to hear them describe this part of my job. Will they zone in on the cooking, cleaning, teaching? Hospitality? Running the business aspect of the home? Moments like this make your heart sing.

"You know, a woman that stays home all day waiting for her husband to come back from work." (Kayla)

Proud moments...and humbling ones.


BohemianMama said...

LOL!! Those accidentally overheard comments are the funniest.

Jacinda said...


Susie said...

LOL--how funny! : )

Anonymous said...

that's kinda like the time micah told me when he was 4 that when he grew up he was going to have to go to work like daddy. he would have to leave his wife with me because he would be able to watch her! they were going to live next door to us so he could be able to come over to eat!! how funny their little perceptions are!!!