Saturday, November 04, 2006

Buddy still hangin' at our house. I don't blame him, we are pretty cool and there are lots of other critters to keep him company. He is an awesome watchdog, he only loves family. He even kept Jehovah's witnesses in their car.

This is their "playhouse". They truly love it. They have a few dishes that we picked up at yard sales, wooden and stainless steel. They are also stocked up on dried corn, regular and indian. They have good times playing pioneer days. Note the washboard and plastic laundry basket. From time to time we string a new clotheslines and rip up old towels so they can do laundry. The Prairie Primer was the best curriculum we have ever used. It is truly a collision of "olden" times and now. Still learning "hands on" how hard things were in pioneer times!


Anonymous said...

I've never heard of that curriculum, but I'm going to check it out! It sounds really neat ! Do they have a website?

Susie said...

How neat, Jan! I love their playhouse. : )