Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I only miss them a little. I think I can wait until grandkids as long as we have some at church I can hold. Tonight I held Davin and it wasn't long until Lilly wanted to hold him too. So I let her.

"Let me know when your arm gets tired." I said.

In her most serious voice, "My arm will never get tired."


Anonymous said...

My mom says grandbabies are the best! ;)

Lilly is your daughter? That sounds like something my 3yr old would say (who is constantly carrying around her 1 yr old little brother!) =)

jettybetty said...

I am still waiting for the grandchildren. ;-)
(And, I am not anxious for our descendants to marry--I pray for that to all happen in God's time--I will just hold babies at church, too!)

Anonymous said...

Babies are so sweet but also a lot of work. I'm glad that we're past that "stage" and now we can put the extra time into spending time with our three children, 7,3, and 2.
I get my "baby fix" at the homeschool organization I volunteer at in the nursery. I really enjoy holding the sweet babies !

~DanaB~ said...

I adore babies, kids of all ages, actually--always have n always will. I think God designed it so that the love and joy multiplies and outweighs the work by leaps and bounds. Lilly's comment was just priceless :)

Great blog ya have here, Jan!