Friday, October 27, 2006

Rain, Rain, go away!

Oh, I miss the sun. I may have that disorder thing that affects your mood when you have not had enough sunlight. At least this is my story as I have been kind of grouchy the last few days! Water is standing in little pools all around our yard. I just think we have had enough rain for a few days. It is rough to not have any playtime outside. WAH WAH WAH!!

We had cinnamon rolls and fruit loops for breakfast. Can anyone say SUGAR! I am listening to debates on the radio. I so wish I had a vote for city commisioners. One of our commissioners was faulting the firefighters for not working enough actual hours. IDIOT!! Plus we have spent a huge fortune on painting murals on our floodwall. Now the commission thinks we need to remove it so we can see the river. Our mayor and sitting commissioners are power hungry freaks! There are no checks and balances, they can just do whatever they want. IDIOTS! GOSH!

Plus, in our area, we have a felony criminal, Carroll Hubbard, running for senator. He has been a representative of our area before and he misspent money, abused privileges, and was convicted of many things. FELONIES!! It will really reflect pretty poorly on this area if he actually wins.

When my kids are grown, I am running for office. If honest ordinary people don't get involved in politics, it will just get more and more crooked! Look out presidency, here I come.


Anonymous said...

its only since i moved to texas tha i have learned to appreciate rain. we were in the worst drought in over half a decade here this summer. i did not see rain from april till august. it did rain once while i was out of town, but i missed it. i have never been so happy to feel rain in my life. but i am not looking forward to day light savings time this weekend. days getting dark at 5. that depresses me. i need day light!!! love ya. if you find 5th class tickets that are pretty affordable, let me know. we are always looking for an affordable airline ticket!!!

Susie said...

It's Seasonal Affective Disorder--or appropriately "Sad" disease. Tanning beds help, believe it or not. And my preferred self-medication--chocolate!