Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Could someone slow down time for a day or two????

My weekend was fabulosa! I am going back next year! It was like a bed and breakfast on the lake with lots of nature trails thrown in to keep me excited. I learned so much and did cool things I never thought I would have, like:

*Got up at 5:30 to go on an early morning hike with someone I did not know because it sounded fun. (It was fun and we saw three deer-I love deer. I see them all the time but I am always excited to see them.)

*Held a snake, not for long, but all by myself just the same. (another lifelong fear issue!) At the same animal encounter, I also watched a possum eat. Nasty business. I had never seen a possum alive but I did know they existed because of all the dead ones I have seen in 34 years of living. Not a cute animal, but interesting.

*skimmed a pond with a dip net and was fascinated by what we found (newts, 4 different life stages of tadpoles, dragonfly larvae, leeches, water scorpions and so much more!!)

*existed an entire day with hardly any sleep because of all the snoring. We were also awakened by the sounds of hunters which was comforting since I was doing the aforementioned hike.

*I was completely fascinated by the history of the Civil War, especially the battle of Fort Donnelson. (I don't like history so this was a big surprise.)

*I saw an eagle nest. It is as big as a small car and she ain't done yet!! I did not see the eagle but I sure hope too next time I go.

*Made friends with total strangers. (Okay, this is really not a surprise.)

I had a great time and loved every minute of my stay there. They gave us all kinds of goodies in a tote bag and they were totally sweet and accomodating in every way. I don't think I opened my own door ever. Unmatched hospitality. I felt honored and revered. You don't get that very often in this day and age. The man that runs Brandon Spring and all the staff there are nice, fun people that truly love their jobs. When I grow up, I think I wanna be a park ranger.

It was a wonderful weekend and I can't wait to go back with my family!!

Back to the real world:
* I cut alot of Kayla's hair off the other day and it looks cute. No more crying over all the tangles she had to comb out!! She was really mad at me but I really did just intend to give her a trim and it just got trimmed too short. She really likes it.

*We had our first care group on Sunday and it was great. I can't wait to spend nine months with these people.

*We went boating after care group and had wonderful family time. The water is still warm and wonderful. Erika tried to ski and almost did but she just does not have the leg muscles yet. She was exhausted after two tries but she almost got up both times. We spent about two hours on the lake and then we heard thunder rumbles. Erik got our boat out and loaded just as it was beginning to sprinkle. On our way home there was wind and great lightning. We got out just in time to miss a really big storm!! Thank you God!!

*I told my scouts/parents last night that this was my last year as leader and then we could cease to be a troop or someone else could step up. I did not want to even hint that I might stay on longer, because I won't. I love all my girls but it is just to hard to take another night away from my family when there are so many other things that take evenings from my family! I may do our homeschool 4H group or a homeschool troop. I have a year to decide. I am making it a good one to, I plan to leave these girls in great shape for someone else or for whatever troop they go to.

*I will slowly and prayerfully pare other areas of my life as well- by next year I hope to have time, energy and Godly focus to make a difference in my family and my community for the will of God, not just be tired and crabby all the time!

Today? I leave the house at 9:15ish and I won't be home until who knows when. I love days like that!! Have an awesome Tuesday! Call and book an outing at Brandon Spring!! You will have the time of your life! I promise!


Susie said...

I'm so glad you had a good time (I knew you would)! : ) But glad to see you back.

LOL about Kayla's hair. I've done the same to Madeline's once or twice. ; )

LOL--you like days where you leave at 9:30 and don't know when you're getting home. I love days when I don't have to leave at all! ; )

Anonymous said...

Happy you had such a great time!! Sounds like a blast! Altough, I don't know about the 530am thing...yikes!! too early for me!

thruchildeyes said...

Wow that sounds like fun ~especially the morning hikes. But 5:30?! Yikes! Thanks so much for the cute dress Eric gave Philip. :D I love it!